Managing your meetings has never been so practical!

With Plameet you manage your academic, company team and any other meetings you prefer!

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Work meetings, in the work group, college meetings, in the college group... organize your meetings and find them easily.

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Why use plameet?

Time management

Track your meeting time in real-time, add more time if necessary, and then check that the planned time has been met. Take control of your time.

Who can use it?

Everybody! Need a tool to manage your college group meeting? Use Plameet. Need to manage meeting time at work? Use Plameet. Use Plameet for any job that needs managing in an easy, simple and efficient way.


How about everyone collaborating on the meeting? On Plameet you and your guests can interact online by exchanging messages, and you can send attachments for everyone to access your material.

It is 100% free of charge!

And all this without paying anything. Plameet is 100% free.

Your meeting deserves a Plameet

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Download and install Plameet on your cell phone and have practicality in the palm of your hand. Available in all major app stores, completely free of charge.


Have access to your meetings in the palm of your hand and don't miss any details of that meeting at work, college...


Interact with the other participants on the subject of each topic, get access to all the important information, and much more!

From someone who has already used Plameet

“Plameet helped me organize all my meetings at work, so I had everything in one place”

João Paulo

“With Plameet i was able to gather all the tools in a single platform, managing meeting time, meeting-related documents, inviting participants without having to email everyone, decisions to be made together with the team, among other features that help me on a daily basis.”

Eduarda Carvalho

“With the option to include times in each topic, the meetings are more direct and objective, so that the discussions don't get out of hand.”

Pedro Henrique